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GHX125 क्रेन गियरबॉक्स रेड्यूसर: डबल स्पीड मोटर के साथ वायर रोप लिफ्टिंग ड्राइव के लिए एक महत्वपूर्ण घटक


Within the complex world of heavy machinery, every component plays a significant role. One such component is the GHX125 Crane Gearbox Reducer. This article aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of this product, its distinctive features, its applications, and the manufacturing company behind its creation.

उत्पाद निर्दिष्टीकरण

सुरक्षित कार्य भार 12.5 टन तक
उठाने की गति 4/5 के चरखी अनुपात पर 6.3/8/4/1
ढोल का व्यास 270mm / 325mm
मूल्यांकित शक्ति 1.2/7.6-2.0/12.5 kW (12/2@50Hz)
Output shaft output shaft DIN 5480- W65x2x31x8f
सुरक्षा स्तर मोटर IP65, ब्रेक IP54 (विकल्प IP65)
मानक PTC thermistors and temperature switch sensors Moisture and corrosion protection
ऑप्शंस CSA certification Other FEM levels and pulley ratios, please inquire separately!

आयाम और वजन

GHX125-1 gearbox

Understanding the GHX125 Crane Gearbox Reducer

The GHX125 Crane Gearbox Reducer is a vital component in heavy machinery, primarily serving as a gearbox. This mechanical device enhances torque while reducing speed by transferring energy from one device to another. It is specifically designed for wire rope lifting drive with a double speed motor.

Key Characteristics of GHX125 Crane Gearbox Reducer

Here are the five key characteristics of the GHX125 Crane Gearbox Reducer:

  1. प्रभावकारिता: The gearbox reducer is engineered for energy efficiency, guaranteeing optimal performance.
  2. दीर्घायु: Made with high-quality materials, it promises durability and a long lifespan.
  3. कॉम्पैक्ट संरचना: Its compact design facilitates easy installation and maintenance.
  4. डबल स्पीड मोटर: This feature provides operational versatility.
  5. Wire Rope Lifting Drive: This aspect is specifically engineered for heavy-duty lifting operations.

GHX125 क्रेन गियरबॉक्स रिड्यूसर के अनुप्रयोग

The GHX125 Crane Gearbox Reducer is primarily installed in the lifting section of a crane. It aids in managing the crane’s speed and torque, ensuring smooth and precise movement of heavy loads. This product is also applied in other areas, including:

  1. पवन वाली टर्बाइन: It controls the rotation speed of the turbine blades.
  2. कन्वेयर सिस्टम: It helps maintain a steady speed, ensuring smooth operation.
  3. भारी मशीनरी: It is widely used in various heavy machinery for speed control and torque management.

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क्रेन गियरबॉक्स

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GHX125 Crane Gearbox Reducer: A Vital Component for Wire Rope Lifting Drive with Double Speed Motor 00 crane gearbox factory 9

We are committed to maintaining high-quality standards, holding numerous international certifications that attest to our excellence. Our after-sales service is designed to ensure your satisfaction, providing support long after your purchase. With our expertise and dedication to quality, we are your reliable partner for all gearbox needs.

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  1. What is the maximum safe working load of the GHX125 Crane Gearbox Reducer?The GHX125 Crane Gearbox Reducer can safely handle loads up to 12.5 tons.
  2. What is the protection level of the GHX125 Crane Gearbox Reducer?मोटर में IP65 सुरक्षा स्तर है, और ब्रेक में IP54 के विकल्प के साथ IP65 सुरक्षा स्तर है।
  3. What are some of the applications of the GHX125 Crane Gearbox Reducer?Aside from cranes, the GHX125 Crane Gearbox Reducer is also used in wind turbines, conveyor systems, and various heavy machinery.
  4. What certifications does your company hold?Our company holds numerous international certifications, reflecting our commitment to maintaining high-quality standards.
  5. What after-sales services does your company provide?
    GHX125 Crane Gearbox Reducer: A Vital Component for Wire Rope Lifting Drive with Double Speed Motor 00 crane gearbox factory 6 1We provide comprehensive after-sales services, offering support long after your purchase to ensure your satisfaction.