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GH40000 क्रेन गियरबॉक्स रेड्यूसर की शक्ति को अनलॉक करना: वायर रोप लिफ्टिंग ड्राइव वैरिएबल फ़्रीक्वेंसी मोटर के साथ एकीकृत


A Closer Look at the Specifications

Maximum operational load 40 टन तक
उत्थापन गति 4.9/6.2/7.6/ at pulley ratio of 4/1

The no-load lifting speed can operate up to 200 Hz

Drum circumference 405mm
पावर रेटिंग

38 kW (4-pole @ 75 Hz) with robust cooling fan

Output shaft variant DIN 5480- W110x2x54x8f
सुरक्षा का स्तर मोटर IP65, ब्रेक IP54 (विकल्प IP65)
मानक सुविधाएं पीटीसी थर्मिस्टर्स और तापमान स्विच सेंसर

नमी और संक्षारण संरक्षण

अतिरिक्त विकल्प सीएसए प्रमाणन

अन्य एफईएम स्तर और चरखी अनुपात, कृपया अलग से पूछताछ करें!

आयाम और वजन

GH40000-2 crane gearbox

आदर्श AC एलबीएस एडीएस एचबीएस वजन
ZFB252So/GH40000/3DG160LbR-4 FL UL TT
313 885 234.5 84 439

Exploring the GH40000 Crane Gearbox Reducer

The GH40000 Crane Gearbox Reducer is an indispensable element in heavy-duty machinery and cranes. Crafted for wire rope lifting drives, it pairs seamlessly with a variable frequency motor. This powerful gearbox reducer is the go-to tool for reliable and efficient operation in diverse industrial settings.

Key Highlights of the GH40000 Crane Gearbox Reducer

1. प्रभावशाली टॉर्क आउटपुट: With a design that delivers high torque output, the GH40000 Crane Gearbox Reducer ensures effective lifting operations.

2. Variable Frequency Motor Compatibility: Its compatibility with variable frequency motors allows for adjustable speed control and increased efficiency.

3. मजबूत निर्माण: Manufactured using high-quality materials, it promises longevity and consistent performance.

4. Maintenance-friendly Design: The GH40000 Crane Gearbox Reducer is built for easy maintenance, reducing downtime and boosting productivity.

5. प्रदर्शन दक्षता: This gearbox reducer guarantees efficient performance, even under challenging conditions, making it a reliable choice for industrial applications.

Role of GH40000 Crane Gearbox Reducer in Cranes

Typically, the GH40000 Crane Gearbox Reducer is installed in the crane’s lifting mechanism. It functions by decelerating the speed of the variable frequency motor while simultaneously increasing the torque for lifting operations, leading to more controlled and efficient operation.

Other Uses of GH40000 Crane Gearbox ReducerUnlocking the Power of GH40000 Crane Gearbox Reducer: Wire Rope Lifting Drive Integrated with Variable Frequency Motor 00 crane gearbox factory 2

1. Conveyance Systems: The gearbox reducer is useful in conveyance systems where controlled speed and high torque are necessary.

2. सामग्री हैंडलिंग उपकरण: It can be integrated into various material handling equipment like forklifts and pallet jacks.

3. औद्योगिक उपकरण: The versatile GH40000 Crane Gearbox Reducer can be employed in various industrial machines, including milling machines, drilling machines, and more.

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The GH40000 Crane Gearbox Reducer integrated with a variable frequency motor is a potent component that can revolutionize the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations. Connect with us today to explore our product range and learn how we can help you achieve operational excellence.

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अक्सर पूछे गए प्रश्न

1. What is the maximum operational load of the GH40000 Crane Gearbox Reducer?

The GH40000 Crane Gearbox Reducer can handle safe working loads of up to 40 tons.

2. Is the GH40000 Crane Gearbox Reducer compatible with variable frequency motors?

Yes, the GH40000 Crane Gearbox Reducer is designed to work seamlessly with variable frequency motors.

3. What is the level of protection for the GH40000 Crane Gearbox Reducer?

The motor has an IP65 protection level, and the brake has an IP54 protection level. An IP65 protection level option is also available for the brake.

4. What are some of the applications of the GH40000 Crane Gearbox Reducer?

Apart from cranes, the GH40000 Crane Gearbox Reducer can be used in conveyance systems, material handling equipment, and various industrial machines like milling and drilling machines.

5. Why should I choose your company for gearbox reducers?

We offer unmatched expertise, advanced manufacturing facilities, and a commitment to delivering top-quality products and services. Our customer-focused approach, coupled with comprehensive after-sales services, ensures a seamless experience for our clients.