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GHX125 क्रेन गियरबॉक्स रिड्यूसर का अनावरण


The GHX125 Crane Gearbox Reducer, a top-notch mechanical device, is specifically designed for wire rope lifting drives in conjunction with variable frequency motors. It is a critical component that guarantees the smooth functioning of cranes and other heavy machinery.

तकनीकी निर्देश

Maximum safe load 12.5 टन तक
उठाने की गति 4/5 के चरखी अनुपात पर 6.3/8/4/1
ड्रम का व्यास 325mm / 270mm
पावर रेटिंग 7.6 - 12.5 किलोवाट (4-पोल @100 हर्ट्ज)
आउटपुट शॉफ़्ट DIN 5480- W65x2x31x8f
सुरक्षा वर्ग मोटर IP65, ब्रेक IP54 (विकल्प IP65)
मानक सुविधाएं पीटीसी थर्मिस्टर्स और तापमान स्विच सेंसर, नमी और जंग से सुरक्षा
अतिरिक्त विकल्प सीएसए प्रमाणन, अन्य एफईएम स्तर और चरखी अनुपात अनुरोध पर उपलब्ध हैं

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GHX125-2 क्रेन गियरबॉक्स

Key Reasons to Choose GHX125 Crane Gearbox Reducer

The GHX125 Crane Gearbox Reducer is a unique product with the following distinct features:

  1. High Efficiency: It ensures optimized power output for efficient crane operations.
  2. Durability: Built to endure the rigors of heavy-duty operations.
  3. Easy Installation: The design facilitates prompt and easy installation.
  4. Low Maintenance: Requires minimal upkeep, thus reducing operational costs.
  5. Versatility: Compatible with a variety of wire rope lifting drive models.

Where to Deploy the GHX125 Crane Gearbox Reducer

Predominantly used in the drive systems of cranes, specifically in the section where the wire rope lift functions, the GHX125 Crane Gearbox Reducer adjusts the speed of the motor to the necessary level, guaranteeing smooth and controlled load movement. Further applications include:

  1. Conveyor Systems: It can regulate conveyor belt speeds in manufacturing facilities.
  2. Wind Turbines: It can control the rotational speed of turbine blades.
  3. Heavy-duty Vehicles: It can be utilized in gear reduction for vehicles such as dump trucks.

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क्रेन गियरबॉक्स

As a leading manufacturer of various types of gearboxes, including the GHX125 Crane Gearbox Reducer, we maintain the highest quality and efficiency standards in our state-of-the-art production facilities. Our equipment lineup includes CNC Gear grinding machines, gear measuring machines, CNC gear shapers, machine centers, CMMS, and Torque test systems.

Our dedication to customer satisfaction, professionalism, international certifications, cutting-edge production equipment, and outstanding after-sales service set us apart. We offer bespoke services tailored to your specific needs. Choose us for your gearbox requirements and experience the difference that a committed, customer-centric company can make. We look forward to driving your business forward.

अक्सर पूछे गए प्रश्न

1. What is the maximum safe load of the GHX125 Crane Gearbox Reducer?

The GHX125 Crane Gearbox Reducer can safely handle loads of up to 12.5 tons.

2. What is the protection class of the GHX125 Crane Gearbox Reducer?

The motor has an IP65 protection level, and the brake has an IP54 protection level, with an option to upgrade to IP65.

3. GHX125 क्रेन गियरबॉक्स रिड्यूसर कितना कुशल है?

The GHX125 Crane Gearbox Reducer optimizes power output for efficient crane operations.

4. What are some of the additional options available with the GHX125 Crane Gearbox Reducer?

Additional options include CSA certification and other FEM levels and pulley ratios, which are available upon request.

Unveiling the GHX125 Crane Gearbox Reducer 00 crane gearbox factory 4

5. How easy is it to install the GHX125 Crane Gearbox Reducer?

Thanks to its design, the GHX125 Crane Gearbox Reducer is quick and easy to install.